• 05/06/2023 17:47

EU – A New Restriction Intention for 1,4-dioxane in Surfactants

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​There is a new restriction intention about 1,4-dioxane using in surfactants submitted by Germany because of its carcinogenic 1B properties. Once emitted into the aquatic environment, 1,4-dioxane is distributed via the water system including drinking water resources. Due to its persistence and mobility it can hardly be removed during drinking water production. Without taking action, the concentration of 1,4-dioxane will continue to increase, leading to adverse effects which will be difficult to reverse. The manufacture of surfactants has been identified as the major source of 1,4-dioxane emissions into the environment. Hence, this restriction proposal aims at minimizing emissions from the manufacture of surfactants including emissions caused by the discharge of 1,4-dioxane residues from purification processes of surfactants in treatment plants (so called stripping).​ Expected date of dossier submission: April 12, 2024.

Artículo de publicado en https://www.tuv.com/regulations-and-standards/en/eu-a-new-restriction-intention-for-1-4-dioxane-in-surfactants.html

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