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Bahrain – Technical Regulation on Energy Labelling and Minimum Energy Performance Requirements for Air-Conditioners

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​Bahrain Ministry of Industry and Commerce announces the Technical Regulation on energy labelling and minimum energy performance requirements for Air-Conditioners. The current technical regulation of low-capacity air conditioners has been updated, according to the following: – Scope of the current tech​nical regulation for low-capacity ACs was changed to cover ACs below 65000 btu.h – Minimum temperature allowed will be restricted to 20 Celsius degrees. – Minimum EER for split ACs will be 8.3 on T3 conditions – All values on the new label will be represented according to T3 testing conditions – More modifications are shown in the EER values, shown in the attached updated TR. – Window ACs are classified (≥24K or – No need for application forms, since online EER platform is being used now. Proposed date of adoption : First week of November 2022 Proposed date of entry into force : Grace period will be granted till November 2023 Final date for comments : 60 days from notification​

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