• 15/07/2024 06:57

Philippines – Draft Department Administrative Order (DAO) No. Series of The New Technical Regulations Concerning the Mandatory Product Certification of Automotive Products

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​This DAO aims to strictly ensure that the following automotive products manufactured, imported, distributed, or sold in the Philippines meet the specified quality requirements as prescribed by this Technical Regulation: 1.1 Motorcycle Helmets and their Visors; 1.2 Motor Vehicle Brake Fluids; 1.3 Road Vehicle Safety Belts; 1.4 Pneumatic Tires; 1.5 Pneumatic Tubes; 1.6 Lead-Acid Starter Batteries; 1.7 Lithium-Ion Batteries; 1.8 Audible Warning Device; 1.9 Rear View Mirrors; 1.10 Head Restraint; 1.11 Safety Glazing Materials; 1.12 Retroreflecting Devices; 1.13 Filament Lamps; 1.14 Headlamp; and 1.15 Front Position Lamps, Rear Position Lamps, Stop Lamps, Direction Indicator Lamps, and Rear-Registration Plate Illuminating Devices.​

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