• 17/06/2024 22:50

Oman – DGSM: Phase 2 of Implementation for Energy Efficiency Labeling for Home Appliances

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​Following previous communications and in accordance with the DGSM Enforcement Plan ​of December 2023 (enclosed for reference), DGSM announced the commencement of Phase 2 starting from April 3, 2024, this phase introduces significant enhancements in the registration and labeling processes of energy-efficient products. Key Update for Phase 2: – Duration: April 1, 2024 to June 7, 2024 – Conformity Assessment: Comprehensive CA based on DGSM CAPs Guidance – Registration: Transition to automatic registration through Hazm Platform​ – EE Label Issuance: Transition to exclusive automatic issuance through Hazm Platform; manual issuance of registration letters is discontinued. Mandatory Platform Use for EE Label Issuance: – With the successful upgrade of the Hazm Platform, we are transitioning to exclusive automatic issuance of Energy Efficiency labels. Starting from the date of this announcement, all Energy Efficiency labels will be issued through the Hazm Platform. The manual issuance of registration letters, as practiced in Phase 1, will be discontinued. – The platform will utilize the same mechanism previously employed for the issuance of energy efficiency labels for air conditioners, ensuring a streamlined and efficient process. Transition to Phase 3: – Phase 3 will begin on June 8, 2024. At this stage, adherence to the EE labeling requirements will become mandatory for all application of EE labeling for all applicable products. While optional in Phase 2, transitioning to Phase 3 practices is highly encouraged to ensure a smooth and efficient process. Action Required: – Update all product registrations on the Hazm Platform within the specified four-week window following its upgrade. – Discontinue manual registration letters issuance and utilize the Hazm Platform for all future label generation. – Prepare for the mandatory requirements of Phase 3 to ensure full compliance. TUV Rheinland Hong Kong Ltd. is a Notified Body designated by Oman DGSM to perform evaluation and registration of home appliances subject to the Omani Energy Efficiency program, including Air Conditioners, Refrigerators, Washing Machines and Electric Storage-type Water Heaters. We also provide a complete portfolio of Market Access Services required for importing products to Oman and the Gulf Region (GCC) such as GSO G-mark, Oman Low Voltage type examination, UAE ECAS, Saudi Arabia SABER, Kuwait PAI and many more.

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