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Hearings – Public Hearing “Discrimination on the grounds of sexual orientation” – 01-12-2022 – Committee on Petitions – Committee on Legal Affairs – Committee on Civil Liberties, Justice and Home Affairs

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On December 1st 2022, PETI Committee will hold a public hearing entitled ‘Discrimination on the grounds of sexual orientation’, in association with LIBE Committee and JURI Committee. This public hearing will address different forms of discrimination of LGBTI persons in some Member States.

The discrimination against LGBTI people has been more real than ever in 2020 and in 2021. Several petitions received concern cases like LGBTI-free zones in Poland or the attacks on LGBTI-rights in Hungary. The hearing will also deal with the legal difficulties that rainbow families encounter in their daily lives in Member States, de facto or de jure, and assess the situation relating to the mutual recognition of parenthood and marriages, as well as questions of child custody. This event will be a step towards more action needed from a European perspective, following the publication of the LGBTIQ Equality strategy.

Location : Room SPINELLI 3G2

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