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Briefing – Tracking the EU Commissioners’ commitments – Von der Leyen Commission, 2019 – 2024 – PE 700.876 – Committee on Legal Affairs – Committee on Civil Liberties, Justice and Home Affairs – Committee on Agriculture and Rural Development – Committee on Employment and Social Affairs – Committee on Culture and Education – Committee on Budgets – Committee on Foreign Affairs – Committee on Transport and Tourism – Committee on Budgetary Control – Committee on Development – Committee on Constitutional Affairs – Committee on Petitions – Committee on International Trade – Committee on the Internal Market and Consumer Protection – Committee on Regional Development – Committee on the Environment, Public Health and Food Safety – Committee on Industry, Research and Energy – Committee on Economic and Monetary Affairs – Committee on Women’s Rights and Gender Equality – Committee on Fisheries

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This document is a compilation of briefings that track the commitments made by the Vice-Presidents and Commissioners to the European Parliament – in their written answers to Parliament’s questions, at their hearings, and, in some cases, in subsequent appearances before Parliament’s committees. The document provides an overview of the state-of-play at the mid-term of the von der Leyen Commission.

Since many of these commitments were made, major international crises have shifted some political priorities. The Vice-Presidents’ and Commissioners’ progress on their commitments should be considered in this context.

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