• 15/06/2024 13:39

Vietnam – Draft Circular Promulgating National Technical Regulations on Specific Absorption Levels for Mobile Phones

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​Recently, the Vietnam Ministry of Information and Communications published a draft Circular promulgating national technical regulations on specific absorption levels for mobile phones. Issued together with this Circular is QCVN 134:2024/BTTTT the National Technical Regulation on Specific Absorption Rates for mobile phones. This Circular wil take effect from July 1, 2025, once approved. By then all imported and domestically produced mobile phones shall comply with the requirements stipulated in QCVN 134:2024/BTTTT, before placing on the market.

Artículo de publicado en https://www.tuv.com/regulations-and-standards/en/vietnam-draft-circular-promulgating-national-technical-regulations-on-specific-absorption-levels-for-mobile-phones.html