• 19/06/2024 15:10

Thailand – TISI Proposed New Lithium Batteries Standard to Repeal TIS 2217 – 2548

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​Thai Industrial Standards Institute (TISI) published an announcement to establish indsutrial standard TIS 62133 Part 2 – 2565: secondary cells and batteries containing alkaline or other non-acid electrolytes – safety requirements for portable sealed secondary cells, and for batteries made from them, for use in portable applications – part 2: lithium systems. The standard will be enforced when it is mandated by regulation and will replace mandatory standard TIS 2217 – 2548. ​

Artículo de publicado en https://www.tuv.com/regulations-and-standards/en/thailand-tisi-proposed-new-lithium-batteries-standard-to-repeal-tis-2217-2548.html