• 15/07/2024 08:33

Colombia – Draft Resolution Issuing the Technical Regulation Governing Workshops Engaged in, and Equipment and Procedures for, the Conversion of Vehicle Fuel Systems

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​The notified text issues the Technical Regulation that workshops are to comply with in their procedures for converting and maintaining systems using compressed natural gas (CNG) and liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) for vehicles. It also applies to manufacturers, importers and marketers of the equipment used to adapt, transform, convert and maintain such systems. The Technical Regulation seeks to protect human life and health through technical performance and safety requirements for workshops that convert and maintain systems using vehicular gas, and for the equipment and procedures used in this process. It also seeks to prevent practices that could deceive consumers. The Technical Regulation applies not only to workshops that convert vehicle fuel systems, and the procedures they follow, but also to workshops that maintain dedicated vehicles, the maintenance and servicing of such vehicles, and fuel system conversion (natural gas, LPG for motor vehicles) equipment that is manufactured in, imported into or marketed in Colombia.​

Artículo de publicado en https://www.tuv.com/regulations-and-standards/en/colombia-draft-resolution-issuing-the-technical-regulation-governing-workshops-engaged-in-and-equipment-and-procedures-for-the-conversion-of-vehicle-fuel-systems.html