• 22/05/2024 22:21

China – Propose New Standard for Lithium Ion Cells and Batteries Used in Electrical Self-balancing Vehicle and Scooters – Safety Technical Specification

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​China State Administration for Market Regulation​ proposes new standard for Lithium ion cells and batteries used in electrical self-balancing vehicle and scooters – Safety technical specification. It aims to replace the current version GB/T 40559-2021. ​The new standard is recieving public comments until May 11, 2024. Once the new standard is approved and implemented, it will become mandatory standard. ​

Artículo de publicado en https://www.tuv.com/regulations-and-standards/en/china-propose-new-standard-for-lithium-ion-cells-and-batteries-used-in-electrical-self-balancing-vehicle-and-scooters-safety-technical-specification.html